Chewsday Round Up

2-3 mins

As today is Shrove Tuesday, it got us reminiscing about all the great bakes from our very own Chewsday. Inspired by Great British Bake Off, each week we were treated to a new bake by one of the team to share with the studio. We had it all, from sweet to savoury and beyond but never took it seriously enough to actually announce a winner. If we did, my money is on Jane. We’re confident that all entries would have received a cheeky wink from Bath’s very own Mary, and a strong handshake by the big man himself.

It all kicked off with a simple classic; rocky road from David, then followed by Jo’s blonde and brunette brownies, Andrew’s Green & Blacks chocolate cake, Luke’s Krantz cake, Adam’s cheesecake AND lemon drizzle (we were spoilt that week) and Avril’s chocolate orange cake. Peter treated us to Jamaican banana bread, followed the next week by Dan’s sausage rolls and then Jane’s carrot cake. Tom’s scones divided the studio with the jam or cream first dilemma, and then Hayley finished with true festive style with her Christmas cupcakes.

As a finale to our Chewsday shenanigans, the whole of the studio put down the pens and paper and instead swapped them for icing and sculpting tools, to create a cupcake showstopper. Some interesting creations gave great insight into the questionable minds of the studio, but Hayley came out on top to take the Christmas cupcake crown. A great end to a great excuse to eat more cake…if only Chewsday came twice a week.

As for Chewsday, well, it all depends on what happens in the Great British Bake Off tent. Will it ever be the same without Mary, Mel and Sue? Will Chewsday ever be the same? Only time will tell.

Watch this cake shaped space.