Sunhouse Catch Up Feb ’17

2-3 mins

Well TGIF and all the rest of the usual end of the week sentiment. It’s been a bit of a frantic few weeks here at Sunhouse HQ but sometimes it pays to stop, regroup and have a look back to where you’ve been.

First off is our reflective look at yesterday evening’s Bath Life Awards. After being shortlisted amongst fine company for the best creative business in Bath, we got into our Sunday best and headed to Bath Assembly Rooms with fingers crossed and glasses of fizz in hand. Sadly the top spot wasn’t for us to fill this year but none the less congratulations to the Bath Cake Company and Mytton Williams.

It’s great to see so many companies who choose to call Bath their home doing so well, it’s reassuring to be in such fine company. On the subject, a special shout out goes to new kid on the block Electric Bear Brewing for winning best company – we might have to order some of your wares for studio sampling…

In other Sunhouse news, we are taking part in the 36 Days of Type project, a global project which invites creatives of all disciplines to showcase their talents by illustrating the alphabet in whichever manner they see fit, one letter (or number) day by day. Everyone in the studio is chipping in to produce a letter or two to showcase the range of Sunhouse skills and styles. Head over to our Instagram to see the first few letters of the series.

Moving on, we are always keeping an eye out within the industry at what takes our fancy. In particular, we’ve been taking great joy in seeing projects using bold & brave colour palettes, with some getting a lot of attention from our creatives. Links doing the rounds in the studio vary from bizarre yet compelling photographic montages, unexpected brand mash-ups and Morag Myerscough’s fantastically vibrant and geometric interior design for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

However, it’s not always the case that everyone loves the same work in the studio, with Halo’s recent re-brand of Butcombe Brewery, in particular, raising a heated discussion in the studio about the role of heritage in brands… keep an eye out in the future for more on that one.

That’s all for now. Go and look at our Instagram letters – they are really cool!

Luke P